060514. First day of school & TFIOS premiere.

It’s my last first day in highschool and I would’t deny that I felt emotional about it. I wish time would just slow down for a little bit, you know. If you’re reading this and you’re an undergrad, let me tell you something; MAKE THE MOST OUT OF IT. THE MOST THAT YOU CAN. Because I swear, time flies so fast. And there’s no going back, ever.

Well anyway, it made me happy that I spent my day with few of my favorite people. And oh we got to watch the premiere of TFIOS as well!!! When I read the book a few years back, I cried a lot. Like a bucket lot. And it surprised me that the movie didn’t even make me tear up even for a little. I was expecting I’d sob inside the cinema. I guess I was expecting the scenarios that will happen already so I was somehow emotionally prepared. Nevertheless, it was a good movie! And oh, Isaac was so hot HAHA

So yeah, that’s pretty much it. Wishing for more days like this! Nothing but good vibes and good company.


Semi-photo shoot with my fave people. Jaymee Lara & Klaire Gaviola


Life’s a game. Play it.


All black vans. Favorite shoes at the moment


All black classics

ITS ALMOST BEEN A MONTH (All Time Low & A Rocket To The Moon mng photos)







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(Okay before I post about my BRF 2013 expirience, I just have to rant this out I’m sorry hahaha)

I don’t know if you guys read it, but remember when I ranted about someone? The guy I’ve known for like 8 years and how we fell in love and fell apart and just became friends and how he found someone new and how I ended up crying at 2 in the morning because he ended our friendship through text just because his girlfriend wasnt comfortable of us talking?

If you remember, well, It’s so funny because I saw him last Sunday at the concert. With his girlfriend. Lol. It was awkward because his guy friend and my friend talked for like 10 mins and we were just there, looking at the floor. I’d lie if I say that I didn’t feel anything. Because I did. I felt kind of hurt and anxious and mad and idk that kinda sucked. It’s my first time to see him again in like months and yeah.

Well anyway, I don’t know how it happened but we were pretty close during ARTTM’s set. He was like only 5 people away from me. When the band played “Anabelle”, I’m sure he was looking at me. I’m not assuming this, I know he is because I caught him. And he knows that song is my favorite off the album. Ive always told him that before.

This will sound corny and pathetic but I sang way louder at the line “Baby you’re pretty but I’m pretty sure I’m over you” during the song cos I somehow wanted him to hear that I know he did. 

I cant help but smirk about what I did. Yeah, it was kind of immature but idk hahahaha. And for the first time, I mean that. I was, in fact, really over him. And I swear this felt really good. I’m finally not hurting anymore. Took me awhile before I realized that but hey, at least I do now. Finally.

I am really really proud of myself tonight. :)

Scanned some of my films today


Scanned some of my films today

080813. FOB Live in Manila. 

It’s been 3 days.

After our exams, my best friend and I decided not to go to Trinoma anymore for the MNG session because they were only getting the first 200 people so our chances were very slim and we do not want to take the risk. So, we went straight to the Araneta area. We’re trying to keep ourselves calm so we decided to watch Sea of Monsters to get our heads off of FOB for awhile. It’s funny because the official soundtrack of the movie is “My song know what you did in the dark” which is by Fall Out Boy so yeah I started squealing inside the cinema because 1.) Logan is so handsome 2.) The background music for the first 10 mins of the movie was sung by Fall Out Boy. I swear I was thisclose to crying.

When the gates were finally open, we immediately went in the dome. There were some extra signed cd’s left and we were one of the first people who got in the venue so guess who got the extra signed cds…. US!!!!!! Waaaah yay!!!

As I said earlier, we were pretty early. When we got inside there were no barricades and bouncers yet. We were supposed to be in the VIP seated area but we took advantage of the moment and went to the VIP standing instead. Near the stage. (Yeah I know it’s wrong but omg sorry not sorry) The crowd that night was super wild and I swear It was a suicide mission to go to the barricades. I don’t know how it happened but somehow we made it there. Even though our view was fantastic and the fact that the band was just inches away from us, we were so uncomfortable. I swear, people kept on pushing. I mean, I expect that of course because duh, it’s a concert. But my best friend and I really became uncomfortable to the point that we couldn’t even sing with the band anymore. My best friend was so close to fainting that the bouncers took her to the medic already and I followed. We were brought backstage and the moment we stepped at the medic area my best friend puked and there, I noticed that my arms have marks (like pasa and bruises) and somehow it was only then that I realized that they hurt a lot.

It was heartbreaking okay. The fact that we almost died just to be in the barricades then for like 5 seconds we lost our spot. And the fact that we missed some of the songs. But we don’t regret anything. As far as I know, we’re lucky enough to simply be part of the pit because yeah we werent supposed to be there. We were supposed to be at the back, sitting. The bouncers wouldn’t let us go back in the crowd anymore even though we kept on convincing them that we were feeling fine already. Guess who just sat backstage through the whole encore. Yup, us. And it sucked.

We were at the left side of the backstage. 5 mins after the concert, two of the band members, specifically Trohman and Patrick Stump passed by our side. Trohman just smiled to us but Patrick, he really went near us and waaaah


Our day was filled with ups and downs and somehow I don’t know what to feel about that. But I am, sincerely, beyond thankful for everything that happened.

I think that this will be the worst PCD ever.

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